Aunt Gigi, The N Society Active Member
Aunt Gigi, The N Society Active Member


Inner City Agriculture and CannaBiz V: The Next Level were originally created by the collaborative efforts of California-based Content Developer, Paco-Michelle Atwood, and The N Society, a private community of Virtual Land Developers, Artists, and Socialites with a diverse range of professional backgrounds and interests…from Public Relations, Regulatory Affairs, VR Tech, and Tarot cards, House music, vintage Victrolas, and magpies (...don’t ask!)  

As for the name, they call themselves The N Society mostly because they started out meeting up in their spare time at their favorite “Inworld” venues (…get it?...N-world) and also because they got such a kick out of all the cannabis-related words they found on the Internet, that start with the letter “N”. 


After completing a 3-day intensive training session with Cannabis Industry experts from the Grow & Grow Rich Academy, Paco-Michelle reached out from the vast frontier of simulated-environment technology, extending an open invitation to her circle of "Real-Life" friends to attend a Women Grow networking event.  

Christy Ramirez (Dessert Cook, Djimbe Drummer & Poet) and Maria E. Cortinas (Film-Maker & Tax Planner) are the two devout marijuana advocates and aspiring Growers who stepped forth to join Ms. Atwood in her mission to learn more about the industry, and how to cultivate cannabis culture and legal profitability in their local communities.  

Focusing on the talents that come most natural to them, they pooled together a wonderfully diverse range of professional resources and exciting ideas, quickly discovering that the one thing they all do have in common is a passion for coming up with creative ways to connect with people and change lives. Thus, CannaBiz Café L.A. was born!



Founding Members, Contributors & Brand Ambassadors


"I am an L.A. Native...born and raised...and my mom died of cancer that could have been effectively treated had things been different back then.  So naturally, I felt an inherent right and responsibility to get involved in the collective movement to educate and cultivate Cannabis Culture in local communities. 

But the day I heard Cat Packer say, 'We have an opportunity to show the world what a 1st-class regulated society looks like...' that was the moment my role and mission in this industry became crystal clear!"


"It amazes me how cannabis plants have so many magical healing properties...from seed to harvest, to medicine. The mystery starts from the seed."

Christy Ramirez

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"I am constantly learning something new about CBD's ad Hemp products, and all the beneficial ways people can use them to treat serious pain and chronic conditions. I believe everyone should have access to these types of healing alternatives regardless of income and no matter what state or country they live in."

Carloh Lee


“Preparing taxes may not sound like an exciting profession, but I am good at what I do, and I find inspiration in helping people who are passionate about their business. And working with Cannabis Business Owners, I get inspired every single day."



The legalization of Cannabis for both, medical and adult-use, is changing people’s lives, profoundly, all over the world.  From high-yield wholesale Growers, to Empty-Nesters and Retirees nurturing plants in their 2-car garage, Cannabis Culture is quietly exploding, and people are coming out of the closet about it ...every day.

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